DataONE Community Meeting

DataONE Community Meeting 2020

We are excited to update the DataONE Community on soon-to-be-released products and services as part of our upcoming DataONE Community Meeting. Join us online August 11th - 13th 2020 for one or all of nine 90 minute sessions focused on program updates, repository network meetings, feature tutorials and more. Registration is free.

This meeting has already happened. Browse notes and videos from the meeting below.


Meetings will be held over zoom. Zoom links will be sent to registered participants. All times below are in UTC-07:00 (PT).

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Session 1 - DataONE: a community-driven network of data repositories

Karl Benedict, Robert Olendorf, Amber Budden, Matthew Jones, Dave Vieglais & Community ParticipantsIn the past year over which DataONE has transitioned from a largely NSF-funded project to an ongoing community-driven program, significant progress has been made towards reshaping and sustaining the DataONE community and network. This opening plenary for the DataONE Community Meeting will provide an overview of the meeting, provide an update on the status of the program, provide some network repository highlights, and provide a high-level description of the program’s network and financial sustainability strategy moving forward. Notes

Session 2 - Emerging services from the DataONE Network

Matthew Jones, Amber Budden & Suzie AllardOverview and discussion of the new DataONE services, including DataONE Plus, Hosted Repositories, and Community Consulting. Notes

Session 3 - Showcasing data through customized portals: A hands-on session

Amber Budden & Jeanette ClarkData portals are a fundamental component of the new service offerings from DataONE. They allow researchers, labs, collaborative networks, and organizations of all sizes to bring together distributed data in a single discovery location. In this session, participants will be guided through the process of creating a live data portal in real time. We will introduce multiple features of data portals and how portals can be used to elevate your research visibility increasing data discovery, access, and reuse. Notes


Session 4 - Hosted Repositories

Chris Jones, Lauren Walker & Amanda WhitmireHosted Repositories allow you to focus on your shared research and manage your data without having to maintain your own repository infrastructure. We will give an overview of the Hosted Repository service and how it can help labs, departments, non-profits, or other organizations that want to participate in DataONE but don’t have the servers or staff to maintain their systems. We’ll talk with a panel of researchers who are using this service or may benefit from it, and will discuss how to improve it for the needs of the community. Notes

Session 5 - Diving deeper into data portals

Jeanette Clark & Amber BuddenSo, you have the framework of a data portal but want to do more? In this working session, we will explore more advanced use of data portals including discussion of both current and upcoming functionality. Our team will be available to break into smaller groups focusing on specific questions or features such as creating custom data queries and working with markdown in your portal. Notes

Session 6 - Leveraging DataONE for thematic data federations

Matthew Jones & Amber BuddenApproaches, potential, and examples of DataONE being used to support thematically focused and disciplinarily focused data federations. Notes


Session 7 - DataONE as an open development community

Dave Vieglais & Karl BenedictDataONE offers a number of mechanisms for technically inclined users to work directly with the supporting infrastructure. Service interfaces are available to assist with data deposition, content discovery, data access, access management, and more. This session will outline the DataONE software and service ecosystem, and explore opportunities for contributions to existing or new widgets, workflows, and other tools that leverage the DataONE infrastructure. Session includes breakouts. Notes

Session 8 - Network and Technical Sustainability

Matthew Jones & Dave VieglaisDataONE represents a grass-roots network of repositories with shared goals of interoperability and data discovery. In this session, we will discuss approaches to growing and sustaining the DataONE network of member repositories, and how new service offerings like DataONE Plus, new technical approaches like, and promoting shared infrastructure among repositories can facilitate sustainability for repositories and DataONE alike. Session includes breakouts. Notes

Session 9 - Future Directions, Engagement and Collaboration

Karl Benedict & Matthew JonesAs we move into our next year of work, the DataONE community will continue to engage with activities that will sustain, evolve, and build upon the capabilities developed by the DataONE project. This closing plenary session will feature a community discussion focused on opportunities for collaboration, community development activities, opportunities for participation in community leadership and other areas where our community governance model can be expanded and refined. Notes