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Announcing DataONE Search: A New Way to Discover Data

Date of Webinar: 
Tuesday, December 8, 2015
9 am Pacific / 10 am Mountain / 11am Central / 12 noon Eastern

Webinar Abstract

DataONE is a community driven project providing access to data across multiple Member Node repositories, supporting enhanced search and discovery of Earth and environmental science data. Data and metadata from across this distributed network of data centers, science networks and organizations is discoverable through DataONE Search, the newly released search and discovery tool. This webinar will introduce the community to DataONE, to the distributed network of DataONE Member Node repositories, the types and volume of data exposed through the network and provide an overview demonstration of DataONE Search. We will then describe the recent changes in our v2 infrastructure and show how these advancements allow for new and enhanced features within DataONE Search.

DWS Chris Jones is a Software Engineer at the National Center for Ecological Analysis and Synthesis (NCEAS), at the University of California, Santa Barbara. He has worked on informatics projects for the last fifteen years, focusing on generic solutions to common data management needs in the earth and ecological sciences. Chris has built systems to document and archive data for regional and international consortia, stream data in near real time from arrays of oceanographic sensors deployed across the insular Pacific islands, and has been involved in metadata standards development and ontology development. Chris tries to handle computer systems in stride, despite their frequent tantrums. He lives in Colorado.
DWS Amber Budden is Director for Community Engagement and Outreach at DataONE. Amber works with the DataONE User's Group, post-docs, and working group members to engage the community and provide education and outreach activities focussed on data preservation, management, use and reuse. Amber has a PhD in behavioral ecology and has conducted ecological and sociological research at the University of California Berkeley and the National Center for Ecological Analysis and Synthesis (UC Santa Barbara) in addition to teaching at York University and the University of Toronto in Canada. Amber also worked in outreach and publications within the non-profit sector prior to joining DataONE.
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