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Data Curation Primers: Expanding the community curation toolkit

Date of Webinar: 
Tuesday, September 10, 2019
9 am Pacific / 10 am Mountain / 11am Central / 12 noon Eastern

Webinar Abstract

The Data Curation Network presents a new resource to add to your data curation toolkit. “Data curation primers” are a concise, actionable resource to assist data curators in adding value to a dataset. These evolving documents detail a specific subject, disciplinary area or curation task, and can be used as a reference or jump-start to curating research data.

The first set of these primers, authored by teams of experts, have just been published and cover the following data types/formats: Microsoft Excel; Microsoft Access; Geodatabases; netCDF; Jupyter Notebooks, SPSS; and Wordpress.com websites. More primers are in the works and set to be published in Fall 2019.

Data curation primers were the direct output of an IMLS-funded workshop series hosted by the partners in the Data Curation Network (DCN) and leverage the expertise of data curators nation-wide. Attend this webinar to get an update on the DCN, a little history about the DCN Education initiative, a demo of the newest releases of the curation primers, and some ideas of how you can incorporate this resource into your workflows and share your own expertise.

DWS Cynthia Hudson Vitale
Cynthia Hudson Vitale is the Head of Research Informatics and Publishing at the Pennsylvania State University Libraries where she leads a department focused on enhancing the technology-driven research capacity of faculty and students, particularly in the areas of statistics, digital humanities, research data services, open-access publishing, and maps & GIS. She is a founding member of the Data Curation Network and the principal investigator on a project developing specialized data curation training. Her areas of expertise include information architecture, data curation, and scholarly communication.
DWS Hannah Hadley
Hannah Hadley is the Project Manager for the IMLS DCN data curation training grant at Pennsylvania State University Libraries, Research Informatics and Publishing department. The two year grant funds three data curation education workshops between 2018 and 2019. Hannah has a B.S. in Anthropology from Washington University in St. Louis, and is currently a graduate student at Drexel University within the MSLIS program. Her research interests include data curation and scientific research using archival sources. She is pleased to serve the data librarian community in this effort to educate and share curation experience.
DWS Lisa Johnston
Lisa R. Johnston is the principle investigator of the Data Curation Network and director of the Data Repository for the University of Minnesota (DRUM). Johnston coordinates the library’s efforts around research data management and leads a team of five data curation experts for archiving research data in DRUM. Since 2012, Johnston has also served as the co-director of the University of Minnesota’s institutional repository for research and publications, the University Digital Conservancy. Johnston is the co-editor of Data Information Literacy: Librarians, Data, and the Education of a New Generation of Researchers (2015, Purdue University Press) and editor of Curating Research Data: Practical Strategies for your Digital Repository (2017, ACRL Press).
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