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rOpenSci: high quality research software for reproducible data science

Date of Webinar: 
Tuesday, February 12, 2019
9 am Pacific / 10 am Mountain / 11am Central / 12 noon Eastern

Links to online presenter slide deck:
Karthik Ram: http://inundata.org/talks/dataone-webinar

A pdf download is provided below.

Webinar Abstract

In this talk we will cover our peer review process for scientific software and highlight a few of our flagship packages with use cases and examples.

DWSScott Chamberlain
Scott Chamberlain is co-founder of and software developer with rOpenSci. He has a PhD in ecology and evolutionary biology from Rice University. Software development work focuses on software that connects R users to data on the web, in particular biological and taxonomic data.
DWSKarthik Ram
Karthik Ram is a data science fellow at the Berkeley Institute for Data Science, research faculty at the Berkeley Museum of Paleontology at UC Berkeley and co-founder of the rOpenSci project. Contact him at karthik.ram@berkeley.edu